Plain text is the default option.

GREY TEXT BACKGROUND is used for "Top-Secret" material. Top Secret material is only notated in certain registers.

RED TEXT BACKGROUND is used for "Triple-Secret" material. Additional klipot may also be applied to this secret material.

Blue background is used for certain clarifying notes regarding transcription and translation. This notation is independent from green text.

In dialogues, klipot text is used for distinguishing call-and-response, and other multiple-voice dialogues.

klipot text is used for after-the-fact commentary. we consider the clarifications made to be [{obvious}].

We use klipot for doggerel, mostly. Caveat lector.

<green text> is used for a variety of technical terminology. All information regarding the strong and weak forces uses green text, most information regarding electromagnetism and gravity does not. The klipot are presented in this style.

(unfortunately, blue text (as opposed to blue background sections) is not currently available on this station due to censorship regulations. we are unable to even provide a demonstration)

klipot is the voice that works the radio. we hope to expound on broadcasts later.

PURPLE TEXT BACKGROUND is used for certain after-the-fact updates to posts. (often in combination with italics) These are not [{obvious}].

Yellow Background Content may include content that is presented as native advertising. This type of content is often guaranteed to include security vulnerabilities, puns, or other unpredictable consequences.

GREEN BOUNTY CONTENT is used to imply a future financial obligation, as measured by a prediction market. Debits and credits are not denominated in any particular currency. We serve as a net provider of assets and liquidity.

PINK TEXT BACKGROUND is used for messages that have, OR CLAIM TO HAVE, attorney-client privilege. In general, material loses its ability to be subject to attorney-client privilege if it is broadcast or publicly published.