The process to get setup is as follows:

  1. Talk to us. Confirm your usage is applicable for UVDB/GAPC (read the information below + documentation and let us know any questions).
  2. If you don't have your API Keys yet, you can set up a trial account via your PartsPal account to test. Follow these instructions.
  3. Onboard you as a customer with the plan that works for you.


GAPC is the Global Auto Parts Catalog. This is a database of both OEM, OE and Aftermarket part information including vehicle compatibility (linking with UVDB) and cross-referenced / interchangeable part numbers. The database includes 55 million+ parts, GAPC does not provide pricing or stock information, this can be added from a supplier.

UVDB is the Universal Vehicle Database. This is a database of vehicle information including up to 400 attributes per vehicle (not all queriable via the API). The database will contain a separate vehicle list utilising localised nomenclature and vehicle referencing for different regions.

Fully supported regions include:

Partially supported regions include:

The API is GraphQL which is a query language for APIs. This is modern, easy to use and includes general documentation within the API.

You may also consider using our software, PartsPal, to bring auto parts data onto a website.