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**1. Firstpost: https://www.firstpost.com/india/amid-anti-caa-protests-this-coder-amplified-anti-establishment-voices-by-taking-down-1-6-lakh-bots-that-disrupted-twitter-trends-7898331.html

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On September 19, I started carefully noticing replies on some popular tweets. There were three kinds of responses on those tweets:

  1. Tweets by user's followers or other verified accounts.
  2. Tweets by popular troll and/or anonymous accounts.
  3. Tweets by other unknown accounts.

I was interested in the third group. Several questions popped in my mind:

  1. What’s the lifetime of such unknown accounts?
  2. Are there any activity on such accounts when something significant is not trending?
    1. If yes, what do they post at dormant periods?
    2. If no, what is the trigger point for these accounts to become active?
  3. Do they tweet more or retweet more? What’s the percentage? Which account’s, do they retweet most from?
  4. Do these accounts only follow people from one mindset (Right-leaning users following Right-leaning accounts), or do they follow more people from their opposing mindset (Right-leaning users following Left-leaning accounts and vice versa)?
  5. Do they interact with one another?
  6. Do they reply with a new tweet, if someone influential replies to them?
  7. What words they frequently use in their tweets?
  8. How is their hold on the language? Is English broken? Do they tweet in Hindi often?
  9. What’s the engagement level on their tweets?
  10. Do they consistently use hashtags?