What features are used for calculations:

Calculating Areas

Areas are calculated for all building features, including basements.

The number of levels , parkingType and rooftopParking are typically set on the feature itself. efficiency and sellEfficiency are usually inherited from the usage, but they can be overridden by setting them on the feature as well.

Building Area Bar-chart


The areas of all the buildings (whose layers are visible) in the project are aggregated in a bar-chart. By default, GBA values are grouped by usage. Click on GFA or NSA to see these values in the chart and change what groups are shown in the chart using the dropdown on the top right.

Site Area Breakdown


The FSR is calculated by dividing the total Net Area (GFA) by the project boundary's area.

This includes buildings from outside the project/site boundary.

The site area (the area within the project boundary) is broken down into: