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PyCubed's firmware is part of the main CircuitPython branch, meaning it's always compiled whenever an update to CircuitPython is released. Sweet!

Below are instructions on downloading and uploading the latest firmware and/or bootloader.


  1. The latest firmware for all PyCubed board versions can be found here:


  2. After visiting the link above, navigate to your respective board version.

  3. Download the latest stable release


    Or test the latest CircuitPython features by downloading the latest github build by clicking "Browse S3" and selecting your language.

    (OPTIONAL) although the bootloader rarely (if ever) needs to be updated, you can also download a update-bootloader.UF2 file on this page:


  4. Next you'll need to put the board into bootloader mode:

    1. Connect the PyCubed board to your computer via USB

    2. Quickly double-click the "RESET" button located on the top of the board

      The pace of the double-click can be difficult. If it doesn't work, keep trying and make sure you hear/feel the click of the button.

      The RGB LED should be a steady green color in bootloader-mode.

    3. A successful double-click puts the board into bootloader-mode and it will mount to your computer as a drive labeled PYCUBEDBOOT

      PyCubed board in bootloader mode and mounted to a Windows 10 machine

      PyCubed board in bootloader mode and mounted to a Windows 10 machine

  5. Copying (drag-and-drop) the downloaded .UF2 file from step 3 onto the PYCUBEDBOOT drive will automatically update and reboot the board.

    If you're updating the bootloader, copy the update-bootloader-pycubed.uf2 file first, then the board will reboot into bootloader mode again so you can copy the firmware uf2.