<aside> <img src="https://super.so/icon/dark/alert-circle.svg" alt="https://super.so/icon/dark/alert-circle.svg" width="40px" /> It's important to ensure you have applied your chosen theme before updating any of the elements within the navigation bar, as we'll need to use specific colors from your theme's color palette for elements such as logos and icons.


Updating Logos

There are two types of logo elements within the navigation bar components, a large, and a small option. Each logo is an image, so you'll need to import your own logo image by selecting 'Insert' > 'Image' and selecting your image of choice. You can then manually resize the image within Power BI, using our logo as a guide for sizing and using the middle of the navigation bar for centering.

Updating Navigation Bar Icon Buttons

We use icon buttons within our navigation bar as a way for users to navigate between pages. To update the icon buttons, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to remixicon.com and select your icons of choice.

  2. Select 64px size and ensure you select the appropriate color using your theme's color palette (The icon for the page you are on should be assigned as your 'Primary 1' from your theme's color palette. The other icons relating to the pages you're not on should be assigned to your 'Text Color' from your theme's color palette). Then, export as PNG.

  3. Go to your report and select the icon button. Then, in the visual format section, go to 'Fill', remove the current image, and replace it with the new image you downloaded in the previous step. Then, under 'image fit', select 'fit'.

  4. Finally, add an action to your button and select 'page navigation'.