Updated: Nov 26, 2021

This page highlights all the commands available in Bountybot (aka BB) to operate the Bounty Board from within Discord. To access this set of commands, start by typing a forward slash: /

Note, bounties are currently paid out via the tipping mechanism through Collab.Land DEGEN. For details, click here:

[Discord] How to use the tip bot (Collab.land)

The current workflow for the Bounty Board through BOUNTY BOT is as follows:

  1. Creator drafts a new bounty:

    /bounty create

    Upon submission of this command, a DM is sent with follow-up questions. Once follow-up questions on bounty description and requirement for completion are anwered,

    the Creator may editโ€” ๐Ÿ“ย This feature is under construction

    โ€”or deleteโ€” โŒ โ€”the bounty. This feature works

  2. Creator can publish a bounty in a couple ways:

    1. Creator can publish after answering follow-up questions in DM with the publish ๐Ÿ‘ emoji, or
    2. Creator can use the slash command: /bounty publish and fill in the bounty-id parameter with the HashId of a bounty that is in "draft".
  3. Worker can use /bounty list command to view all bounties created or claimed by worker. Worker can view bounties that are in "draft" (need to be published before claim), or already created, claimed, open (already published) or in progress.

  4. Worker claims the bounty:

    /bounty claim or ๐Ÿด on the requisite post in the #๐Ÿง€-bounty-board channel. Once claimed, both the Creator and Worker are notified via DM. Note, once a bounty has been claimed, Creator cannot return to edit the bounty.

  5. Worker completes work on the bounty. If clarification is needed or questions arise during the work.

    1. Worker can tap on help ๐Ÿ†˜ on the requisite post in the #๐Ÿง€-bounty-board channel to ping Creator directly for assistance. This feature is a work in progress.
  6. Worker submits the bounty using the ๐Ÿ“ฎ on the requisite post in the #๐Ÿง€-bounty-board channel to submit. The bounty is then "In Review" and worker can expect a message from bounty creator.

  7. Creator reviews the work on the bounty. If the work is incomplete, Creator follows up with Worker.

  8. Upon satisfactory completion of the work, Creator marks the bounty complete and settles payment /bounty complete or โœ… on the requisite post in the #๐Ÿง€-bounty-board channel

  9. /bounty delete This feature works.

Here are the commands in greater detail:

/bounty create

As the name implies, this command allows you to create a new bounty. Upon selecting it, you'll be given a series of prompts; to move through each prompt, simply tab your way to next one when the current one is filled out. The prompts are as follows:

  1. title Enter a title for the bounty. Be short, but descriptive. What is the primary goal for your bounty?
  2. reward Currently, rewards are delineated in BANK. How much BANK are you willing to offer for the completion of this bounty?
  3. copies Currently, the max number of copies is 1. To raise this limit, please reach out to your favorite Bounty Board representative! Work-in-progress

Upon completing all prompts, sending the command will result in Bountybot sending you a DM with a follow-up questions to complete bounty creation. You can answer these questions directly in the chat. The questions are:

  1. Hello! Can you tell me a description of your bounty?
  2. Awesome! Now what is absolutely required for the bounty to be complete?
  3. Please enter UTC date in format yyyy-mm-dd, i.e 2021-08-15`? (no to exit)

You'll need to answer these questions to complete the creation process before choosing to publish it. If errors are found in producing a draft, the bot will re-pose a question.

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