Project UCLA Housing Media Team ****

Tasks Creative Direction, Production

Date Feb 2019 - Present

A project with UCLA dining facilities and residential life.


When I first received my acceptance to UCLA, I went straight to youtube and watched hours of videos talking about the college - from watching dorm tours, vlogs, skits, you name it. After working for Res life's media team for almost 2 years, I realized we had no resource that would fulfill this need.

Untabled is the project to tackle the problem statement of what should be the first content prospective students watch to learn more about student life and amenities offered at UCLA.


For the pilot episode, I lead a team of 8 people, managing all parts of the production from organizational planning, casting, story, video editing, and design.

Our team consisted of:

Lead Director - Me

1 Video Editor - Jordan

2 Videographers - Cristian (Lead), Antoine

2 Hosts - Me, Lisa

Designers - Kiana (Lead), Lisa

Story and Logistics - Sam, Irvin, Magie