It's important that we're well rested. We work hard at Pento and we want to enable you to find balance, and enjoy everything that you like to do when not working. That's why we offer unlimited time off πŸ˜€

Unlimited time off guidelines

Take plenty of time off 🧘

You should take at least 25-days off each year (and we encourage more). A downside of having an unlimited time off policy is that often people take fewer days off than if there was a strict limit. This is an unintended consequence and we want to encourage the opposite β€” our policy is here to encourage more time off.

You can decide when you're off 😎

Being remote-first and hiring people across multiple different countries means that we all have different public holidays where we reside. It's up to you to decide if you want to take time off during a local public holiday. Just remember that you must book these off as normal β€” Humaans doesn't automatically book public holidays for you.

Enjoy a 1-day 'vacation' πŸ“š

Need an extra day to re-charge, catch up on life admin, or heading on a staycay? 1-day 'vacations' are great too! You don't need to be doing something glamorous to justify having time off. We encourage you all to have at least one longer break a year (~2-weeks) but one way to benefit from having an unlimited allowance is to schedule shorter bursts of time off across the year, such as long weekends.

Coordinating and communicating time off πŸ—£οΈ

<aside> ☝ Some teams, such as customer facing and support teams, have a greater imperative to coordinate their time off. Please be especially considerate of this and speak to your team about the required customer availability during busy time off periods, such as festive season and summer time.


It's important to coordinate and communicate time off with your immediate team. You should aim to give as much notice as possible, especially for time off of 2-weeks or more. Please aim to give at least double the length of time requested as notice, e.g. 4-days notice for 2-days leave.

Follow these simple steps to book time off:

  1. Communicate and coordinate your time off with your manager and team
  2. Book via Humaans, our HR platform (this will automatically then share your time off with the wider company via a daily message to our #events channel)
  3. Block out your calendar in advance (using the 'out of office' feature so meetings are automatically declined)
  4. Remember to update your Slack status for when you're offline 🏝️ and coordinate any handover required

<aside> πŸ‡©πŸ‡° If you're based/employed in Denmark, also book time off via Pento to make sure we're compliant with the Danish vacation law.


<aside> 🌍 If you're employed via, book time off via this platform as well as Humaans.


Avoid too many last minute days off πŸ˜‘

Your time off shouldn't disrupt others and you should avoid last minute time off. There are occasions where you may want to take a last minute time off and we want to support this β€” you may have received tickets to an event or wish to extend a holiday a day or two. But you should be considerate to others and their work, and also conscious of sustaining the trust between you and your colleagues and manager.