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Welcome to Unleashed's Mental Health Resources hub

There are SO many great resources out there around supporting mental health and wellbeing - but, whether you're searching for information to support yourself, or looking for resources to signpost to a team member that's struggling, finding what you're looking for can be difficult and overwhelming. Amongst all that good stuff, there is also a lot of advice that feels generic and patronising. All in all, it can be hard to cut through the noise and find something that feels relevant, tangible and resonant.

'What works' when it comes to supporting wellbeing is different for everyone, but we wanted to use this space to collate some of the Unleashed team's favourite resources for supporting mental health and wellbeing. Things we've actually used and benefitted from ourselves. We know that everyone absorbs things in different ways, so we've included a real range of resources below to watch, read and listen to. We'll continue to add to this page over time - so bookmark it and come back whenever you need to!


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🍿 Watch

Watch: LifeLabs Learning Resiliency Skills Mini-Workshop Recording

This mini-workshop answered the important question: how do we help employees strengthen their resilience, emotion regulation, and calmness skills? LifeLabs Learning shared research, tips, and exercises to better equip managers to support people through challenging times.

**Watch: Feeling overwhelmed?** Try this super short coaching exercise (4 mins) to help regain some perspective.

**Watch:** This short video provides a simple framework for taking back control of the impact external events have on us and our wellbeing

👀 Follow

Follow: Tula Wellbeing - the workplace wellbeing collective, for insight into different topics around wellbeing at work

Follow: Liz & Mollie for uplifting, informative cartoons

Follow: The Self Space - to help demystify therapy and for helpful, no bullshit wellbeing check-ins and tips

Follow: Rebecca-Monique Williams for coaching exercises, journal prompts and insights around trauma and healing.

Follow: The Millenial Therapist for thought-provoking, pithy mental health content

Follow: YourJuno for financial wellbeing advice and education

Follow: Therapy with Abby for content around anxiety, imposter syndrome and burnout

Follow: The Present Psychologist for helpful infographics around mental health and psychology.

Follow: Project Lets - an incredible, radical peer support collective + providing political education & advocacy services. By/for those identifying as mad, mentally ill, Disabled, and neurodivergent.

Follow: Psychosis Positivity - insights and mythbusting around psychosis.

Follow: Black Minds Matter - for resources to promote Black mental health and connect the Black community with therapists.

📚 Read

Read: In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week, here's an article from Unleashed about 10 Acts of Kindness that you can use to support your team.

Read: From team Unleashed, here is an article about where to start with creating openness around mental health at work and why it matters.

Read: A blog post on mastering the 3 types of bounce back skills

Part of being resilient is the ability to bounce back from challenges. Bouncing back from a mistake takes a different set of skills than recovering from changes or interpersonal conflict — which is why knowing your bounce back metrics can help you strengthen your weak spots and optimize your strengths.

Read: This article from CharlieHR is all about finding a balance between supporting mental health and managing performance.

Read: If you've ever felt like prepping for taking time off (and then dealing with returning to work) makes your holiday less than relaxing, this one is for you.

Read: In this book, Casper ter Kuile, a Harvard Divinity School fellow, explores how we can transform common, everyday practices such as reading, walking the dog—into sacred rituals that can reduce social isolation and help us to find purpose.

Read: A great introduction to the Quitting Quadrant, a super accessible model for managing your overall workload and energy levels.

Read: Self-care is now a term so broadly used it can apply to pretty much anything. This article provides a really tangible framework to help you identify what self-care means to you.

Read: This article is about applying design thinking principles to your life.