Civic Tools for Our Thriving Future

Benjamin Life //.11.9.20.//


People are powerful. Together, there’s nothing we can’t do.

But people power is often undermined by lack of tools that facilitate shared understanding, communication, coordination, and institutional support.

Our existing digital tools sell our attention and trap us in addictive loops. There’s never been a more critical time to build civic technology that can provide communities with incorruptible decentralized tools for collective actualization as a fundamental public utility.

Human-Centered Civic Technology

Our existing technology platforms fall short largely due to an extractive, “race to the bottom of the brainstem” game dynamic inherent in the combination of rivalrous games and exponential technology.

Human-centered open source technology can break these game dynamics by designing for deep listening, novel synthesis across ideological filter bubbles, collaborative sensemaking, governance, and decision-making.

United People’s Movement

The United People's Platform (UP) is a technology stack in service to a new kind of people’s movement, emerging from a political paradigm and philosophy known as the Political Rise.

The Political Rise and UP Movement use consensus, dialogue, and healing to generate a new kind of populism that integrates diverse perspectives and finds common ground on the issues that matter most.

A New Civic Culture

Valuing integration, togetherness, and holistic thriving over being right, the UP Movement is defined more by a set of guiding principles and a process of inquiry and inclusion than any one particular ideology.

Finding alignment beyond agreement, we can live, work, and create alongside our community as we collectively strive towards a world in which all beings are thriving. Committed to these principles, we can collectively rise in our wisdom, love, and power.

UP Platform

Initial UP Stack