<aside> 🇺🇦 A beneficiary evening of Ukrainian music, poetry, and culture


Saturday | April 1, 2023 | 7:30 PM ET Center for the Arts | Robison Hall Free

Open to on- and off-campus audiences. Full vaccinations with boosters (or valid medical or religious exemptions) are required; masks optional, unless under certain circumstances, but welcome! Read our visitor policy and health and safety info>>

The Concert Program:

  1. 🎼Spy, moya lastivko spy “Sleep, my little Swallow” / Teryn Kuzma, Stephan Zaets
  2. 📜An Address to the Public / ****Diana Herasim
  3. 🎼Oy, u Luzi chervona Kalyna “Red Kalyna in the Meadow” / Chapel Hill Band: Greg Marcinik, Anthony Cinquina, Finn Ellingwood
  4. 🎥**“What Ukraine has done for the World”** / United24
  5. 💃Ukrainian Dance“Hopak” / Anna Grytsenko, Mariia Dzholos, Kseniia Lebid, Roeskva Torhalsdottir, Sophia Fatima, Greg Marcinik, Max Moscaliov, Hieu Nguyen, Gabriela Clemente, Will Wang, Zeph Santiago, Rostyk Yarovyk
  6. 🎥**“The Sinking Moment of facing War”** / Masha Makutonina
  7. 🎼Vira, Nadiia, Liubov “Faith, Hope, and Love” / Jeff Buetner, Jessica Allen
  8. 📜Os’ pro tse i rozpovim “So I’ll talk about it” / Rostyk Yarovyk
  9. 🎥**”50 Best Ukrainian Films in 2 Minutes”** / ****Misha Poklad
  10. 🎼”Kyiv” / Kseniia Lebid and Chapel Hill Band: Greg Marcinik, Anthony Cinquina, Finn Ellingwood
  11. 🎥**“What is Better Ukraine”** / United24
  12. 📜**“Eastern Europe is a Pit of Death”** / Mariia Dzholos
  13. 🎼Shchedryk “Carol of the Bells” / Middlebury College Choir
  14. 🎥**“Why Ukraine will win”** / United24