Uniswap Grants Program Community Analytics (UGPCA) was established in Wave 7 of UGP with an initial budget of around 29k UNI tokens (USD $250k at the time). The goal of the program is to attract new talent to the Uniswap ecosystem and produce analytics for the community (see program Homepage for more info).

After five months of operation, we would like to update the community on the activities of the program, the results, and the next steps ahead..

Bounty Competition

One of the most important initiatives of UGPCA is the data bounty competition.

Every 3 weeks UGPCA is publishing a new round of bounties to challenge participants to create dashboards and data commentary pieces on specific topics of interest to Uniswap community. The challenges are open for 2 weeks, once completed the UGPCA committee reviews all the entries and awards prizes to the best submissions (up to USD $1500 in UNI for an Advanced Challenge, and up to $500 in UNI for a Starter Challenge). Early submitters are also eligible for a participation prize of $100 in UNI.

Data bounty competitions are platform- and format-agnostic: each participant can choose the best data source for their needs (as long as the source is public and reliable) and their work can take the form they prefer (dashboard, data analysis article, interactive visualisation, data-backed commentary piece, etc.)

The content

One of the goals of the Bounty Competition is to uncover interesting insights about Uniswap and DeFi.

The topic of each challenge is chosen to stimulate discussion within the community about the latest news and developments.

In this first 5 rounds and 10 bounties, several different topics were analysed:

Bounty #1 - Uniswap on Polygon (1)

Bounty #2 - Liquidity Pairs on Uniswap v3 (1)

Bounty #3 - Uniswap V2 vs. V3(L1) (1)

Bounty #4 - Uniswap Governance (1)

Bounty #5 - 1bp vs 5bp Stable Pools (1)

Bounty #6 - History and analysis of Unisocks (1)

Bounty #7 - Uniswap Q1 2022 Quarterly report (1)

Bounty #8 - Loss of potential UNI voting power (1)

Bounty #9 - Uniswap on Optimism (1)