An easy to use system able to run on different digital devices, that suggests to users recipes and fitness exercises based on the available time and feedback collected over time. The design space we set out to explore was systems that supported a healthier lifestyle, including both nutrition and fitness. Although there are a number of systems on the market that attempt to solve this problem, with varying levels of success, we thought there are few which encompass both these aspects.

Market Research

We started the work by conducting a background research both on the existing product market and on our target audience to better understand the problem space and competitors.

Apple and Android stores are flooded with apps that have the same basic features. A slightly different competitor is the market of smart fridges, such as the Samsung Smart Fridge, with touchscreen dashboard and cameras to keep track of what users eat. However, these devices are expensive and have a lot of drawbacks.

We identified a gap in the market for products that blended both food and fitness, and also for those that were aimed at the `tech-layman'.

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User Research