Round 9 of the **Unigrants Community Analytics** program bounties is now live! A new bounties are now open for community contribution.

Bounty #17 - DEX aggregators DEX Aggregators represent a growing force in the Defi space. A DEX aggregator brings an algorithm to automatically search across multiple DEXes, and find the best price by optimising the trade route for the trader automatically.

For this Bounty, investigate the role of aggregators within the Uniswap Protocol identifying the share of activity they are responsible for and highlighting trends and important insights. Additionally, analyse Aggregators overall volume, identifying which AMMs are the main source of liquidity for each aggregator and focusing in particular on most common pairs (for example focusing on the pairs identified as possible pilots for the fee switch experiment).

Bonus Challenge If submitting a dashboard, allow viewers of your dashboard to select a specific token/pair and present all relevant data based on the selection

Check out some resources for how to get started building out dashboards with network data, as well as explore our previous bounty winners’ work

Happy building đź‘‹

Round 9 Dates

Sep 5 , 2022: Bounties begin! (4pm UTC)

Sep 19, 2022: Submissions deadline (11.59pm UTC)

 **Submit your work** for Round 9 Bounties [here](<>)

Sep 26, 2022: Winners and prizes announcement