Round 8 of the **Unigrants Community Analytics** program bounties is now live! Two new bounties are now open for community contribution.

Bounty #15 - Analyzing $UNI Airdrop Beneficiaries On September 16th 2020, a total of 300,946 Ethereum addresses were selected to be part of the $UNI airdrop (original blog post). Everyone that interacted early with the protocol as a trader and/or liquidity provider and every $SOCKS holder/redeemer was awarded with an airdrop quota of $UNI tokens.

For this Bounty, investigate the long-term behaviours of these early adopters and airdrop beneficiaries of the Uniswap protocol.Identify different metrics, for example # of wallets still using the protocol, # of wallets still holding their airdropped $UNI (highlighting increase or decrease of token held through time), # of wallets delegating and using their $UNI voting rights, # of wallets participating in Uniswap governance, and more, to analyse the long-term impact of the airdrop on early users and the effectiveness of the airdrop in creating an engaged community around Uniswap.

Bounty #16 - Liquidity pools & providers Liquidity pools were a new concept developed to allow AMM exchanges to be fully on chain and decentralized. Uniswap has since pioneered this, with v2 offering simple pools and v3 allowing for liquidity ranges and thus concentrated liquidity.

For this bounty, analyse liquidity providers on Uniswap and the pools they provide liquidity to. Analysis can be done (but not limited to) the top and fastest growing pools, the biggest liquidity providers and what kind of pools they provide liquidity to, differences between v2 and v3 (such as TVL, total providers), etc.

Check out some resources for how to get started building out dashboards with network data, as well as explore our previous bounty winners’ work

Happy building đź‘‹

Round 7 Dates

July 8 , 2022: Bounties begin! (4pm UTC)

July 22, 2022: Submissions deadline (11.59pm UTC)

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June 29, 2022: Winners and prizes announcement