Round 7 of the **Unigrants Community Analytics** program bounties is now live! Two new bounties are now open for community contribution.

Bounty #13 - Post-airdrop(s) activities Token distributions and airdrops have been a mainstay in the crypto world in recent years. Sushiswap’s vampire attack using $SUSHI, Uniswap’s $UNI airdrop for early adopters, recent L2-related airdrops e.g. $OP and $HOP, airdrop distributions based on custom quantification of community engagement (e.g. message-/word-count as posted on project Discord!), NFT-gated airdrop causing gas price ATH… the list goes on and on!

For this bounty, choose an ERC20 token airdrop (or even multiple airdrops for comparison!) that you thought was interesting and worthy of data-backed narrative, then present data analysis, commentary, and story-telling on the Uniswap activities of the token(s) during the first two weeks after the airdrop.

Bounty #14 - Open Bounty!
For this bounty, explore a Uniswap topic of your choosing and submit an in-depth analysis+commentary bringing to light interesting aspects of Uniswap.

You can choose any topic: for example you could dip your toes into Governance, further analyse trading activities on Uniswap, investigate the impact of MEV on trading, study the behaviour of liquidity providers, analyse arbitrage activities, or even tell us more about Unisocks! We encourage all participants to try to explore, uncover, and present interesting and original data-backed insights on Uniswap!

Check out some resources for how to get started building out dashboards with network data, as well as explore our previous bounty winners’ work

Happy building 👋

Round 7 Dates

June 17 , 2022: Bounties begin! (4pm UTC)

July 1, 2022: Submissions deadline (11.59pm UTC)

 **Submit your work** for Round 7 Bounties [here](<>)

June 8, 2022: Winners and prizes announcement