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General Questions

๐Ÿ”น What is Unicycle?

๐Ÿ”น Can I use Unicycle with Gmail? Outlook?

๐Ÿ”น Is Unicycle free?

Getting Started

๐Ÿ”น How do I sign up?

๐Ÿ”น How do I add a new classroom or section?

๐Ÿ”น How do I export and upload my roster?

๐Ÿ”น How do I sign out?

Using Unicycle

๐Ÿ”น How do I mark something as 'Done'?

๐Ÿ”น How do I create and use blurbs?

๐Ÿ”น How do I make an announcement to my class?

๐Ÿ”น Can I send a message just to my TAs?

๐Ÿ”น Is there a mobile app?

Privacy and Security

๐Ÿ”น Is my personal data secure? (Yes)

๐Ÿ”น Can I use Unicycle in compliance with FERPA? (Yes)

๐Ÿ”น Can you read my emails? (Absolutely not)


๐ŸŒฑ Can I share Unicycle with other professors?

๐Ÿคฉ I have feedback / ideas, where should I share them?

๐Ÿ†˜ Need help with something not listed here?