Welcome to the Hot Cross Token information page. Read the Hot Cross Token utility page first before continuing. This page is intended to be supplementary information that will assist platform participants. We strongly recommend that our community read about the goals of the Hot Cross project before hopping into this document.

The previous $HOTCROSS Economic Model overview document can be found here. Do not trust any information that does not come from an official Hot Cross source. If you have questions regarding the token itself or are need of support, please reach out to us at support@hotcross.com. We are always standing by and happy to help!

Canonical Token Information & History

The Hot Cross Token ($HOTCROSS) is a non-inflationary token. While there is an emission schedule that is described below—thus a schedule of increased supply—it is important to note that there will never be more than 500M units of the asset. The canonical version of the asset is ERC20. There is also supply on Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and others.

Token Information

Token History