NFT or Non-Fungible Token are digital assets they are unique and provides a new playground to lot of experimentation across the blockchain ecosystem. We have seen the rise of NFTs in recent years and opens up lot of new opportunities to explore.

This analysis tries to answer some question about how much are active ALCX user involved in the whole NFT space. Specifically trying to answer the following questions

  1. What fractions of active wallets own NFTs ?
  2. Which NFTs are by far the most popular across the spectrum?
  3. How is distribution different in different farm in ALCX ecosystem?

Data about ALCX active wallets and NFT was captured using Flipside database and partially using OpenSea API.

What fractions of active wallets own NFTs ?

One of basic question that we need to ask how many unique wallets currently participate in ALCX space and how many of these hold atleast some form of NFTs.

Fig:1 Absolute distribution of NFT ownership about currently active unique wallets in ALCX.

We can further explore the distribution to see if active wallets that multiple NFT. Below graph shows a distribution of different counts of NFT in unique wallets.

Fig:2 Relative distribution of ownership among unique wallets currently in ALCX

This clears the answer that even though majority of wallets dont own NFT of soekind, but the gap between those who hold is less. Further 18% of the wallets actually own more than 3 NFT.

Which NFTs are by far the most popular across the spectrum?

On all the active wallets analysed, more than 898 different variety of NFT were found. Each occurring atleast 1 time in any given wallet. The distribution of NFTs is highly skewed.