About UWiB:

The Undergraduate Women in Business (UWiB) is a non-profit, student organization at the Foster School of Business. UWiB was founded in 2005 with the mission of connecting and preparing the next generation of female business leaders. UWiB strives to advance women's continued progress through multiple career opportunities, business networking communities, and educational workshops. UWiB seeks to promote greater awareness and understanding of ongoing issues and challenges that women presently face in business while providing professional relationships with female business leaders for the undergraduate community.

Why I Joined:

I've discovered my passion for business when I started the Button-Maker Club and other initiatives at Bellevue College. These entrepreneurial activities and experiences led to my interest in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. I wanted to learn more about the business industry as well as to connect with diverse women leaders and their roles in business.

Because of UWiB, I met the First Vietnamese Woman to Be Crowned Mrs. World