How do I set up my unconference session?

Check out the app or webapp to see what unconference sessions are already on the agenda. In the agenda, pick out the time you'd like to add a session, tap and add the details of your session in the app or fill out the details in the slackbot command (/unconf) to add a session.

We will have someone on call all throughout the conference who will be notified immediately. Your session will quickly be added to the agenda with the appropriate meeting room.

We'll also add you as a moderator to your session.

Suggestions / FAQs

Can I attend multiple unconference sessions?

You are encouraged to move around freely and as often as you like. Don't feel the need to stay for an entire session. Move in and out as out of sessions as you please. Explore!

Can I co-host my unconference session?

We encourage people to collaborate and work together. Is someone else already planning to host a discussion you’re also super keen to lead? Reach out to them! Perhaps they’ll want to join forces. :D

Is there a place to take notes for my unconference session?

In this folder, you'll find documents for planned unconf sessions (and more still being created). If during your discussion or activity, you'd like to take notes, you have a space for that! Or, if as the facilitator, you'd like to add links, etc., could be good for that, too! If you don't see one for your session yet, you're welcome to make one. :)

What type of sessions can I create?

For the most part, whatever you like! You can do a session in any style or format you like, some examples might be found below. Where possible please provide the style/format in your description so people know what they are signing up for.

What’s expected of me if I create a session?