A series of posts describing all you need to know to successfully start with Unali.

Unali is the first 360 Social Commerce platform.

It enables you to publish product wishlists created by individuals and experts. For your clients, wishlists are a human way to shop. They are incredibly convenient. They are data-driven and optimized to boost conversion and average spent. They are also highly scalable. The Unali wishlists can be embedded in all your touch points, including your eshop, google search results, newsletters, physical point of sales etc.

The Unali shopping experience

The Unali wishlists are a web-based experience. They can be accessed anywhere by clicking on a dedicated tracking link. Wishlists content is dynamic to push for conversion. The lists can be made shoppable or they can redirect to a Product Detail Page on your eshop.

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The Unali dashboard

The Unali dashboard is where it starts for marketing teams. From this dashboard you will be able to invite and manage influencers. Inviting influencers means creating their account and building the product shortlists from which influencers will build their own wishlist. Managing influencers means tracking their performance and renewing their assignments over multiple campaigns.

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The Unali wishlist creation tool

The Unali wishlist creation tool is where it starts for influencers. Once the marketing team has created their account, influencers receive an invitation to proceed via SMS. Clicking on the SMS launches a browser-based experience where influencers build their wishlist in a few clicks. Once this is over, influencers receive a personalized tracking link that they can share to their audience.

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Unali ads [pro]

The Unali wishlists are deeply integrated with Google Ads and Programmatic Ads platform. Leverage this integration to create high performance social ad content and automate wishlist distribution everywhere across the web.