What is UnBlocked Cash?

UnBlocked Cash (UBC) is a digital cash assistance solution for humanitarian and development agencies that makes the Cash and Voucher Assistance programming transformative: faster, cheaper, more transparent & more secure.

UBC is a blockchain payment solution that features community-inclusive product iteration, decentralized finance, and blended service delivery across tech, civil society and the humanitarian sector. It is powered by Sempo technology and led by Oxfam in the Pacific.

The UBC project has been first piloted by Oxfam Vanuatu in 2019 by a consortium of partners: Oxfam, Sempo, ConsenSys Social Impact (now Emerging Impact). Until today it has also been piloted by Oxfam in Latin America.

Since October 2020, the UBC solution is being implemented during the live response program (Covid-19 & Tropical Cyclone Harold) in Vanuatu by a consortium of 17 international and local partners, were Oxfam Vanuatu is a technical lead. In February-March 2021 solution has been piloted by Oxfam in Papua New Guinea.

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About the toolkit:

UnBlocked Cash Toolkit is an open-source database of tools and resources for training and implementation of the UnBlocked Cash solution developed by Oxfam in the Pacific.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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