Are you ready to join a community of kick-ass podcasters, who have found their voice and are ready to make their mark on the world?

Since launching Podcast Junkies in 2014 and our podcast agency FullCast, I've had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of successful podcasters and work with many clients as part of our done-for-your service.

What I continue to hear over and over is this:

🤯 Podcasting is Hard!

Creating content, building a following, remaining consistent, staying on top of new platforms, not engaging with my listeners...

I've heard it ALL.

They would tell me...

“The most frustrating thing is being alone and stuck not knowing why things aren't progressing”.

I realized that not everyone can afford the cost of a high end, full-service program, and that continued to frustrate me because the I was seeing the success clients were having with me in getting their shows successfully launched and ranked in the top of their category on Apple Podcasts, with episodes coming out consistently, week over week, fully produced and marketed.

So I created The Ultimate Podcast Dojo to help up and coming podcasters achieve...