On this page we are sharing materials for learning Ukrainian, information about its history (including the history of suppression of Ukrainian) and debunking some myths about the Ukrainian language.

There is only one official language in Ukraine and it is Ukrainian.

The Nightingale Sings ( Соловей Співає)

🔱 Ukrainians are a political nation, and our language is the cultural code of the nation. The Ukrainian language is also a weapon helping us to defend ourselves in this war.

The documentary "The Nightingale Sings" is available here for free, with English subtitles:


How russia was destroying Ukrainians and the Ukrainian culture throughout centuries - Twitter thread


<aside> ❓ Чому нічого пов'язаного з російською культурою не має бути в Україні?

✅ На питання відповідає директор Ермітажу Міхаіл Піотровскій)) 🐔

Джерело: https://meduza.io/amp/feature/2022/06/24/vse-my-militaristy-i-impertsy-voyna-eto-samoutverzhdenie-natsii

Джерело: https://meduza.io/amp/feature/2022/06/24/vse-my-militaristy-i-impertsy-voyna-eto-samoutverzhdenie-natsii

Щоб поширити це в Твітері, натисніть тут.


Fog of war: Google report on russian cyber threat. February 2023, page 19


Fog of war: how the Ukraine conflict transformed the cyber threat landscape

<aside> 💡 ❓"Some of Ukraine's defenders are russian-speaking - does it make it ok for me to continue to speak russian too?" ❌ No, it’s not. Learn Ukrainian. To share on Twitter, click here.



Уповноважений із захисту державної мови - Головна

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Duolingo Ukrainian Phrasebook

Books for Learning Ukrainian - recommendations from Larissa

History of the Ukrainian language

Suppression of Ukrainian language