What is Ukraine DAO’s wallet address?

Ukraine DAO’s only official wallet address - 0x633b7218644b83d57d90e7299039ebab19698e9c

We can also be found by ENS name - UkraineDAO.eth.

How are the funds managed?

Ukraine DAO manages its treasury through a multisig (multi-signature) wallet. We use Utopia Labs (built on Gnosis) for signing transactions and other treasury management.

What is multisig?

Multisig refers to requiring multiple keys to authorise a transaction. Ukraine DAO’s multisig requires 3/5 signatures. That means that for a transaction from Ukraine DAO’s wallet to be executed, 3 authorised people need to sign the transaction, which helps to keep the funds safe.

Who is on the multisig of Ukraine DAO?

There are 5 people on Ukraine DAO’s multisig:

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