Our DAO delivers humanitarian aid around Ukraine around the clock.

This Forbes article covers Ukraine DAO trucks carrying humanitarian aid from across the border and within Ukraine:

FORBES (April 7, 2022)- **How The Influence Of Crypto In Ukraine’s Resistance Goes Beyond Money - by Eric Mack

One of the trucks recently went into the war zone to deliver food to people in the Kharkiv region. 8 Ukraine DAO trucks carry humanitarian aid from across the border and 22 more are operating within Ukraine.

Their operations are managed by Ukraine DAO co-founder’s parents - you can learn more about their story in Drftng With Ukraine blog post, latest updates - “Day 48. Ukraine DAO Trucks Fleet” and “Day 76. Letter”.

We organized both online and offline to serve Ukraine with Ukraine DAO Trucks

Olena Shevchenko is a very talented logistics specialist who makes sure Ukraine DAO truck drivers know where they are going and get to the destination and back in the most efficient way. Currently, she lives in a room with 50 other women and their children.

photo_2022-05-25 16.13.42.jpeg

Alona’s dad Viktor Shevchenko makes sure that the trucks remain operational, that they have enough fuel and are properly maintained and repaired when needed.

Where are they located?

Viktor and Olena Shevchenko are now in Western Ukraine helping to deliver humanitarian aid. This is critically important work because there’s a lot of humanitarian aid sent but not enough trucks/logistics people. They currently have 8 trucks there (with Ukraine DAO stickers on them🇺🇦), drivers for those and an accountant. They have been welcomed there and are getting a lot of help. We would never know those people without our DAO’s community.

Ways to Donate Towards Ukraine DAO Trucks Operations


Ukraine DAO Trucks in “Drftng with Ukraine” - blog run by Alona & other UKD contributors