Thanks for taking a moment to look over our prototype.

At this point, we're midway through creating the content, but before we get deep on that, we're making sure our framework and formats work. Which is where you come in.

Our Product:

An online, mobile-first, potty training guide. $30-ish dollars.



Instead of reading another book, or google's top results for "how do i potty train" - we are offering this online resource to provide - in a single place - everything you'll need for potty training.

It's all expertly made, in partnership with potty training experts, and designed to be fun, easy-to-read, and complete-ish.

Just enough info but not too much, and just when you need it. Designed to be read at night on your phone, where you're most likely to do the research.


Provide a way for parents to feel less worried and stressed about potty training. Which leads to better experiences for everyone.


First-time parents of kids who are almost at the potty training age.