Avantgarde Finance is the appointed developer and maintainer of the Enzyme Protocol (formerly known as Melon). Our vision is to empower the long tail of asset managers and their investors with cutting edge technologies to automate asset management protocol. Our mission is to automate every single administrative and operational process for our users so that they can enjoy a better experience monetising their talent and the talent of others. In joining us, you'll take part in transforming crucial infrastructure which underpins an $100 trillion dollar asset management industry.

As a team, we're passionate about open-source software, empowering the long tail and decentralised technology's potential to act as an establisher of trust between market participants. We are a highly energetic, hard working and enthusiastic team proud to be working on one of the earliest DeFi protocols in the space (founded in 2016).


We are looking for a UX/UI Designer who can help make DeFi investing easy! The Enzyme protocol is an aggregator of DeFi and has more functionality than any other protocol we can think of in the space. This makes managing the user journeys quite a challenge! We need a UX/UI designer who is up for a challenge and prepared to shape the product UX and UI with us. We're continuously looking to simplify Enzyme as complexity increases. We're looking for someone passionate to help us on this journey and geek out with us on the future of asset management!

You will be expected to work remotely, in a team setting, and in alignment with the company's goals and strategy.