<aside> 👉 Jupe, let's house the Earthlings and do the Earth a solid while we’re at it


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👋 Why we're doing this…

We’ll make this brief. 1.5B humans don't have adequate housing and Jupe is working towards a long term vision to shelter as many of them as possible. The problem is compounded by the fact that rents keep going up and more and more folks are affected by climate and political disasters every year. If we’re going to overtake the problem this, we need to build a magical user experience. We’re starting with a magical digital experience to match our go-to-market Jupe nature hospitality experience, but your design will scale literally across the planet and eventually to the cosmos. That’s what you’ll be doing. You’ll be wrking with a world-class digital and art product team from places like Apple, AirBnB and Tesla to create a transcendant experience beyond atoms and physical matter.

📝 The role you will play

Jupe is looking for a creative wizard of digital design. You are an individual searching for a new challenge at the crossroads of hardware and digital. Someone that is passionate about designing magical user moments that embody Jupe’s whimsical and nomadic aesthetic.

☑️ What will you be doing?

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