Hi! I'm Melissa & I put this little toolkit of UX research resources together for my design, engineering & PM friends (but also anyone curious to learn more about the research process). One of my favorite things to do is sharing more about what research is with others! I also put this together for anyone who is looking to transition into or break into UX research. These are some of the resources I used that helped me prepare for interviews & learn more about research. Enjoy & share!


I Wish I Knew

YouTube channels

Unpacked Angles


Learners Videos

Doing research with a meaningful population


UXR in Latin America: The Duty to Build a Community


From Representation to Saturation- Marginalized Perspectives


Favorite Videos

Carolyn Chmielewski, UX Researcher at Spotify, about how researchers and designers work together

TheUXConf 2021 | Nannearl LeKesia Brown | How to Conduct Diary Studies

Everything is not fine (and that's okay) - Nannearl Brown (Config 2021)

Tiny tots have thoughts too! - Mischelle Mulia (Config 2021)

Race and recess: Design tools for reducing inequities - Neby Teklu, Michelle Molitor (Config 2021)


User Experience Research Field Guide

How to Make a Difference as a UXR Team of One | Learners Blog

The Ultimate Guide to UX Research

Design Research - Learn with Figma

Simultaneous Triangulation: Mixing User Research & Data Science Methods



Research - Microsoft Design - Medium

UX Research - Facebook Research - Medium

User Research - Spotify Insights - Medium