UX Framework

<aside> 💡 The IBM TRIRIGA UX Perceptive Apps content is also available at this IBM Documentation (3.8.0) link.


What are Perceptive Apps?

A Perceptive app refers to an advanced type of UX application that is designed, developed, and delivered exclusively by our IBM TRIRIGA software team. Our TRIRIGA-built Perceptive apps enable you to "more easily meet business requirements with an intuitive user interface, compatibility with touch interfaces, and improved performance". Also, part of this means that instead of tying forms to "things" like people and locations, views are tied to "actions" like creating and submitting requests. Here are the Perceptive apps that were built upon our UX framework.

1. Space Apps (10.5.0)

2. Move Apps (10.5.2)

3. Workplace Services Apps (10.5.3)