Other Internet c/o Toby Shorin, Laura Lotti


Uniswap Universal Governance Module (UGM) is an initiative to standardize the developer interface to Uniswap governance across multiple chains. Further details can be found here:

RFC: Uniswap Universal Governance Module

Other Internet is looking for a bridge provider to become the standard bridge partner for Uniswap Governance decisions. The partner will assist with a number of efforts related to the UGM, including the development of a new deploy script, documentation, and the migration of governance contracts from existing Uniswap deployments to the UGM. (Note we are only bridging proposals, not tokens).

This Partner Brief contains the full set of work we’d like a partner to provide. We’d like you to respond to this PDF with a (2-3 page) document in Google Docs format, including the following information:

Your response will be posted to the forum together with other candidates’ and will be used to determine our official recommendation to the Uniswap community.

Partner Responsibilities

Below we’ve listed the full set of services we’d like to see a partner bring to this work. In the Proposed Scope of Work section of your response, confirm you’d be able to fulfill these requirements and describe a rough timeline with regards to resourcing the projects.

Uniswap cross-chain governance technology & documentation