🏋️About UI Tests.

Some companies may invite you to complete a test as part of your application process. Although there will be differences from studio to studio, you can generally expect certain similarities across organisations.

What are UI Tests used for?

They are typically used to gauge several aspects of an applicant:

Furthermore, on your side of things, a stellar UI Test result can prove to be an incredibly powerful piece of collateral in the later stages of The Interview Process, especially as a tool to significantly raise your profile prior to Salary negotations.

What does a UI Test typically look like?

UI Tests usually come in two forms:

What will an 'On-Site' Test involve?

These are also commonly called 'Whiteboard Exercises', and will typically involve you ideating and solving a selection of given problems, on the spot.

You will likely be run through various exercises in which you will be asked to demonstrate your thinking process by drawing and/or writing on a whiteboard in front of the interviewer(s). You can expect there to be some back-and-forth during this, as the interviewer(s) may challenge you, or add additional twists as you work.

What will a 'Take-Home' Test involve?

You will typically receive a package including: