Entrepreneur and Content Creator.

23 years old. I studied kitchen in high school and graphic design at university. I have been developing projects for about 10+ years. I have developed 600+ projects in total.

I started with making games in primary school. I switched to web software in high school and realized that I wanted to be an entrepreneur in college.

I attended the Hackathon. I've been making videos on YouTube for 8 years. I even participated in the Izmir YouTube event. I am a web developer. I know PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, some JS. I have around 5707 students on Udemy and 3768 subscribers on YouTube.

I am open to learning. I like to think positively and solution-oriented. :)

My Projects

  1. NEW PROJECT * Airtable Examples (What is this?)
  2. Notion Landing Page Template.
  3. Smart Watch UI Kit.
  4. Girişim Kur, Indie Hacker community. (Language: Turkish)
  5. Girişimzel, it is the site where content related to entrepreneurship is listed. (Language: Turkish)
  6. Musiczel, I share the music I like.
  7. Zzz, Gif sharing. (I don't know why I did this. 😅)

Follow Me

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**Note:** Years ago I made a bookmark site called [Toosba.com](<http://toosba.com/>). On the site, I coded that "links should be followed by search engines". I had linked [Ugurkilci.com](<http://ugurkilci.com/>) to that account. When users added malicious websites, Google blacklisted [Toosba.com](<http://toosba.com/>). Thereupon, he blacklisted those who were directed there on Facebook. For this reason, you cannot share [ugurkilci.com](<http://ugurkilci.com/>) on Facebook and Instagram. 😅