Some logo experiments for Typoday 2020 themed Typographic Dialogues: Local - Global. As the event would be held in Beirut, Lebanon; The context of the place was to be added and the logotype was to be made in a 3:1 ratio banner; with a 50-100 word write up.

'atharun muqadas·

Civilisations flourished and withered throughout generations, what remained is their vestiges which not only connected but also encouraged the contemporary to learn and form from it a unique identity. Sun is the origin of such identity. The letters 'p' and 'd' are representatives of birds, which, considered messengers from the spiritual realms, acting as a catalyst for a dialogue, and symbolise peace, transformation, freedom which is analogous to the energy of cedar revolution happened in Beirut, Lebanon. This logotype was inspired from calligraphic arabic script.

ꟷ Pixel Roads ꟷ

Just like individual pixels lighting up to form an image in a holistic manner; The amalgamation of different ethnicity, the cultural and material exchange among them also sparks up a liveliness throughout the globe. Among such, the grey or unlit ones symbolise roads as a ground medium for such exchanges whereas the green pixels not only signify the digitally connected world but also the goals of cedar revolution. The vertically slanted orientation of the logo symbolises the dynamism in geographical and ethnic composition of Beirut.