Odd name, isn’t it? Pronounced tee-con, it’s Greek for “hit the mark”.

tychon facilitates the seamless collaboration between Brands & Influencers.

Brands can search & discover well matched Influencers and manage their campaigns via a web-based SaaS platform.

Influencers can collaborate with Brands, engage their audience & earn based on performance via a user-friendly mobile app.


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Leadership Team


Rawle Annandsingh - Co-Founder - tychon | LinkedIn

Rawle Annandsingh | Co-Founder & CEO

With half his professional career shaped by his Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism & Hospitality Management from St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida, Rawle has over 20 years of managerial experience in the hotel, restaurant, shipping, procurement, education, advertising, media and print industries across the Caribbean & Florida. Adding serial entrepreneur to his professional portfolio, Rawle has successfully built start-ups into full-fledged operations. tychon is his most ardent startup that blends all his experiences, pursuits and passions into a unique & niche Influencer Marketing service offering.

Rawle is also Y Combinator Startup School Certified and has been recognized as a Top Startup by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).


Kevin Blake-Thomas | Co-Founder & COO

Kevin is an innovative technology professional bringing 16+ years of experience translating technology into high-revenue products, software and services for Fortune 500 companies and tech-based startups.