On Content Strategy

I highly recommend reading this thread by Biana Ciotti.

For visual asset sizes (images, videos, GIFs), I recommend checking out this guide.

Uploading Video Thumbnails

Via Media Studio:

Check out the guide here from [Twitter](https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/media-studio-faqs#:~:text=for a video%3F-,Yes.,custom image from your computer.). This is my preferred method of uploading and posting or scheduling videos on Twitter.

Via Twitter Ads:

If you do not have Media Studio, this is a work around. You will need to add a payment method, but you do not need to spend any money or make an active ads campaign in order to natively post videos with thumbnails to your account!

  1. Open up Twitter Ads
  2. Cancel the campaign
  3. Click your account name in the top right
  4. Add a payment method
  5. You should now have access to the "Creatives" tab
  6. Follow these steps from Twitter to upload the video
  7. You can now make tweets using this video. Just make sure to post it as organic and not paid.

Emoji Hashtags

These are done with Twitter ad partnerships. Usually, a minimum spend must be reached in advertising for Twitter to consider adding an emoji to your branded hashtag. (Hint: You're looking at AAA budget here 😬)

How to Get Verified

Twitter is rolling out a new verification process. Access may vary.

OUTDATED: No one really knows, but tweeting at Twitter Verified has worked for some (usually when your account is larger or being requested by verified accounts) and for others they've spent enough on Twitter ads to be assigned a Twitter representative who has been able to push verification (as well as longer video allotments for organic posts and access to beta tools like video polls).

Last updated: 2021-Jun-05