Hi there 👋

I'm Kazuki, creator of Tweet Peep 👀

Thank you for adding Tweet Peep 👀 to your Chrome or Firefox browser.

Tweet Peep 👀 gives you instant, one-click access to what other people are saying about the articles and videos you're browsing.

Although it's a weekend project of mine and I made it in a few hours, I feel it has a lot of value and I'm happy to share it with you.

As a reader of various blogs and newsletters, I am often curious about what other people are saying about the articles, podcasts, and videos I read/watch. Particularly with longer content, I often search on Twitter to understand what I should focus on before I start reading. I was copy-and-pasting the link into the Twitter search bar every time. Looking back now, it was very inefficient and unproductive.

Also, as a blogger and creator, I used to search on Twitter to see what people thought about my YouTube videos and blogs. I think knowing other people's thoughts, ideas, and opinions is a great way to broaden one's horizons. More than anything, I enjoy the moment when I feel connected to someone.

Twitter is, and will always be, the best place to encounter such thoughts and ideas (+ "what's happening,” Twitter's purpose). This is why I love Twitter and can't stop using it every day.

Tweet Peep 👀 shortens this great-minds-think-alike process. I really mean it!

Features & Keyboard Shortcuts

(1) Peep Thoughts on Twitter (Cmd + Shift + E)