As part of the Lander team, you get access to everything we make. If you're part of a project team, it's important for you to be familiar with the material we provide so you can answer support questions effectively, so this is partially so we're all on the same page, but it's also partially so we can all benefit from the work we do together!

Here are checkout pages for every product - you'll want to sign up for the mailing list or whatever so you see how the product is sold too:

Coming soon:

TEDxCOS Coaching / Storytelling & Presenting Mastery

Here are all tutorials in our database, and below that are specific tutorials people request often, and a code to get all of the above online courses free.

Invoice, recurring payment, programmable banking, and setting up your own business in colorado workshop we hosted in June 2020:

Invoice Stripe / LLC/ Bank Training

Notion meetings that might be helpful:

Trevor & Steve discuss the state of AI development for Lander Systems with the guy who built