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The best part about notion is that it works online and offline on your phone, tablet, and laptop accross all platforms, windows, mac, iphone, android. Visit to walk through the steps to get Notion installed on all your devices. Wherever you are and whatever device you’re using, notion will work the same way. This allows us to maintain our very unique Time Off and general working style accross all Lander projects.

You may also enjoy visiting the Lander Project Kanban Board Mission Database Instructions Description for an up-to-date view of how we use the database at all times if the video above seems a little old.

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Notion Youtube Channel

I have some custom tutorials below that you can skim through, but probably the fastest way to go 0-60 on notion is to check out the Notion youtube channel:


Notion's Official "Joining A New Workspace" Tutorial


Notion just launched this video in June 2021, and I added it here July 26, 2021 so that all future Notioneers at Lander can get up to speed easily and quickly on how notion works!

Top 3 Overview Videos (20 minutes total)

For everyone: