1. First, Fork and then clone the Learn tutorials repository: It's important that you have the most recent version of documentation before you start your contribution. If you have already cloned it, make sure to pull down the latest changes.
  2. Create a new git branch in your local repository, you can name it however you want, though we prefer if you pick a name relevant to your contribution. (Example: solana-nft-tutorial).
  3. Create a new file(s) under the specific protocol/network section of the learn-tutorials repository you're contributing to. Example: /learn-tutorials/solana/solana-nft-tutorial.md
  4. Finally, when you're ready to submit your contribution for review, head over to the Pull Requests section and create a new pull request from your branch. Our team will start the review process and suggest edits in the same pull request.
  5. Once your pull request is approved and merged by our team, it will be automatically published on Learn and we'll process your rewards (On Friday).