<aside> ℹ️ If the RHR Desktop App is unable to identify your K3/0-Mini, DXmate, FlexControl knob, or other serial device, try these troubleshooting steps before contacting RHR support.


macOS 10.14.3 or earlier

If you are running macOS 10.14.3 or earlier, the RHR app may not be able to detect any serial devices.

Please download and install the Swift 5 Runtime Support from Apple, then restart the RHR desktop app.

<aside> ⬇️ Download Swift 5 Runtime Support for Command Line Tools


Install the latest FTDI drivers

Download and install the latest official FTDI driver package. Then reboot your Mac.

<aside> ⬇️ Download FTDI drivers v2.4.2 (latest as of August, 2020) for macOS 10.9 and above