Troubleshooting instructions for daemon and install related issues

Daemon installation troubleshooting

If things aren't working as expected. Below are some common errors:

Daemon start troubleshooting

If you're still having issues, you can get the WISP logs by typing wisp logs in SSH. Here are some common errors you might get while wisp is trying to startup:

Enabling debug mode

Debug mode is useful for various issues. To enable it, you need to edit the wisp.yaml and reboot the daemon with wisp restart. In /var/lib/wisp/daemon/config/wisp.yaml set logger.level to debug. After this is done, restart wisp.

  level: debug

The server failed to install

If you're getting a server failing to install, you can check the install logs. They should be located in /var/lib/wisp/daemon/config/*<server uuid>*/install.log. These logs should include any errors that would be causing the install to fail. Generally, installation fails are not issues with the WISP software - they're issues with your environment/configuration.

If there isn't an install.log file...

If you can't see a folder that matches the server failing to install, try enabling debug mode on your daemon. That should output install logs directly into the wisp logs, which you can access with the wisp tail or wisp logs commands.

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