If GlobalReader Dashboard shows no data from the machine, go through the next steps.

  1. Check the color of the machine on the admin Dashboard
    1. RED - Black Box is offline
    2. Yellow - no data from the machine or there is an ongoing interruption
    3. Green - machine is working
  2. Machine works but no data on Dashboard
    1. If the machine is working but data doesn't appear on graph, then check the cables of your sensor. In case of a physical sensor make sure that the light on sensor is blinking when it has to blink. It is also important to observe that it hasn't shifted, blocked or damaged.
  3. GlobalReader Black Box is offline
    1. If there is no LED light on on top of the BlackBox

      1. Make sure that there is current in the electrical socket - connect some other electrical device to it (for example: working lamp) or connect the Black Box to another plug where there is electric current.
      2. Make sure that Black Box AC adapter works - connect power adapter from working GR device or extra DC adapter (12V, 2A) to the Black Box and then check again.
    2. Cyan LED is blinking fast

      1. Some of the needed network TCP ports are closed
      2. Restart Wifi router
    3. Green LED blinking fast shows that there is no WiFi connection - either WiFI credentials have not been saved to the Black Box or the Wifi router is not allowing the connection (for example: DHCP address is not being distributed).

      1. Check if the WiFi network is connectable from other devices - for example, mobile phone
      2. Check Wifi credentials and reconfigure Wifi credentials on the Black Box if needed
      3. Check if WiFi signal strength is greater than -65 dB, if not add an access point to the Wifi network.
      4. The BlackBox can only connect to 2.4GHz Wifi
    4. Restart BlackBox by removing power from it for a few seconds and then putting it back

    5. Any other color on the Black Box, restart it and if no change contact support@globalreader.eu