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I joined the savings hub in early 2021, stepping into an established content design role.

The hubs, comprised of product teams for savings, current accounts, and credit cards, are redesigning all online application journeys to align with our internal design system, NEL (Nationwide Experience Language). This will ensure that our members receive usable, accessible Nationwide-branded experiences.

Each hub has its own experience design team, with content, user experience and user interface designers. Together we deliver and maintain non-authenticated application journeys from the Nationwide.co.uk website. This means these could be a new member's first experience of Nationwide's service, which means ensuring a consistent, user-focused, welcoming experience is crucial. I see content's role in the journey as absolutely crucial to this.

What I did

As the sole content designer, I am responsible for creating and managing all content throughout the savings application process. This includes modals, inline messaging, error messaging, confirmation screens, and unhappy path end screens. In addition, I lead the development of content for the entire end-to-end product application journey, ensuring that it is clear, concise, and engaging for users. This includes working closely with the design and development teams to ensure that the content is integrated seamlessly into the user interface, and conducting user testing and research to continuously improve the user experience.

<aside> 🛠️ Tools used: Miro, Abstract, Jira, Confluence, Teams, Word, Excel, Sharepoint


Upon starting the onboarding process, I conducted research by speaking with my new colleagues, stakeholders, and the outgoing content designer. This helped me to understand what was working well and identify areas for improvement. From this, I was able to draw up a list of 3 priorities:

  1. Review and report on the current state of content in all application user journeys.
  2. Review and improve content documentation and handover
  3. Increase the visibility of content design within the savings hub and beyond.

Key projects

In-journey Internet Bank registration

Improvements to ID verification

Instant account funding

You can keep reading about my side-of-desk content work here.

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