Query Data

Once you have imported, added cleaning steps, and loaded data to your database, you can then Query your data and create Views. To do this, go to the Query menu and simply type any custom SQL and click “Preview”.

Adding Query Blocks

Add query blocks by clicking on “Add block”. Blocks allow you to chain multiple SQL blocks. The result of one block can be used and referenced by a subsequent block.

Running Blocks

You can Run Steps by clicking on the "Preview" button on

Pre-built query blocks

Dropbase has a number of powerful and convenient pre-built query blocks.

Column Calculations

What it does: Performs basic arithmetic on two columns and writes the result of the computation on a third column.

How to perform: Add the column calculation step. Once added use the dropdown to select the columns you'd like to perform your calculations and the type of operation you'd like to run. Then enter the name of the new column that will contain the result of the calculation.

Column Conditionals

What it does: The column conditional step creates a new column with custom values conditionally based on the values of a different column. This step is useful if you want to categorize data into low, medium, and high buckets, based on the value of a different column. For example: