We all have experienced inner resistance in our lives.

When you have an upcoming deadline to finish a project but you put it off until the last minute — that’s resistance. Or maybe you have a job interview scheduled the next morning, but instead of sleeping early and waking up fresh, you binge on a Netflix show until 3 am. That’s resistance too. If you’ve ever abandoned a painting halfway through or deleted the draft of a story you’d been writing, this is also an example of resistance in action.

Resistance is a wide spectrum. The just-mentioned examples depict resistance as something that’s hindering you from doing something that’s important to you or that has a positive impact on your well-being and life in general.

But resistance can have another purpose, too.

Let’s take a look at the other side of the spectrum:

You’ve been offered this great job opportunity but you’re reluctant to take it because you got a bad vibe from your future boss. You started dating a new person that your parents would immediately fall in love with but turns out your interest in that person is fleeting. A new client wants to work with you after you gave them a discount but now you’re feeling reluctant to kick off the collaboration.

What’s different about these examples of inner resistance? If you look at these situations closer, your inner resistance is actually a sign of you standing up for yourself and your needs. You can be offered a dream job but how great is it if you’re reporting to a dick? So what if your parents would love your new fling if you fall asleep whilst talking to them? And if you didn’t stay true to your work’s value and are now feeling resentment towards delivering that’s a reminder of your needs being important, too!

Okay - so we now know that there are at least two types of inner resistance that you’ve most likely experienced in your life.

But what do they mean? And how can you identify if the resistance you’re experiencing and is actually hindering you from reaching your potential?

Understanding how your brain is wired can help with that.