Hello! We are a Stewarding Group that has formed with funding from Lankelly Chase, exploring Transformational Governance.


Our vision is of a society in which institutions and organisations are supported and held accountable by inclusive, open, transformational governance that invites change, redistributes power, and enables everyone to thrive.

In this live exploration we are:


We are currently developing a prototype for a well-held, resourced inquiry space with a facilitated learning cohort to share and explore an area of interest in transformational governance. We have invited expressions of interest from individuals, groups and organisations across the UK to be part of a learning cohort that will start in 2023. In their Expressions of interest, respondents were invited to identify and share either :

that they would like to explore as part of this process. This open call for expressions of interest has further confirmed the national appetite for new models of governance across a range of sectors.

We are no longer inviting expressions of interest to be part of the prototype Transforming Governance learning cohort, but if you would like to receive updates about the progress of the learning cohort, or about the wider Transformational Governance project, **sign up to our mailing list here.**


If you have any questions or concerns, please email the stewarding group at transformationalgovernance@gmail.com